Temporary Fence Panels

Temporary fence panel is also known as portable fence and Construction fence, Temporary security fencing etc. Temporary fence panel is a indispensable part of completely temporary fencing system that consist of temporary infill welded mesh panel ,outside frame pipe according to AS4687-2007 Stipulated and defined the infill welded mesh panel zinc thickness is minium28 microns/200g. Pipe minimum 42Microns/300g.

Temporary fence Panels
Temporary fence Panels
Temporary fence Panels
Temporary fence Panels & feet

Temporary fencing standard Specification

Panel size 2100mm(H)×2400mm(L)1800mm(H)×2100mm(L)
Pipe diameter 32mm
Infill Mesh 60mm×150mm ,50mm×50mm,50mm×150m
Diameter wire 3.5mm or 4mm
Finish HDG Hot Dipped galvanized to Australian Standard,Wire 28 microns,pipe 42 microns zinc thick.
Main markets Australia. New Zealand. Etc

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