Plastic Temporary Fence Feet

Chaoxin supply high Quality, Heavy Duty, Cost Effective Temporary Fence Feet/base. Your Temporary Fence will look great and be safer with these high visibility coloured feet. They are easier to see which makes them safer as they are less likely to be a tripping hazard for the public.

plastic temporary fence feet
plastic temporary fence feet
plastic temporary fence feet

Chaoxin Plastic Temporary Fence Feet offer the following benefits over standard concrete fence feet:

  • Far more durable - will last up to 5 times longer
  • Much easier to handle - no sharp edges
  • Are not prone to cracking or chipping
  • Safer as they are far easier to see & handle
  • You can choose your own colour
  • Are far more visually appealing and professional looking
  • Offer long term cost benefits


  • Full range of colours available
  • Made of a Flexible & Durable co-polymer polypropylene.
  • UV5 for sun/weather protection.
  • Carry handles at both ends
  • Wide range of post hole sizes available - 20, 25, 32 & 40mm nb. (26, 33, 42 & 48mm od)
  • Post holes can run across or up and down the blocks
  • Personalised name plates displaying your Company Name, Phone Number, Web Site Address etc can be supplied.
  • Designed to be filled with concrete.

Chaoxin can supply the best Plastic Temporary Fence Feet to your requirements. Call us now 0086-15832812436. Or send mail:

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