The difference between diamond mesh and chain link fence

Now a lot of the construction unit of the diamond mesh nets and outlined some confusion, here I explain to you about the difference between the chain link fence of diamond mesh of place.

chain link fence

Chain link fence, also known as Chain Link Fence, hook flower wire mesh, Thailand mesh chain link fence material produced excellent mesh average, net surface smooth, beautiful and do not skimp because the network itself has good flexibility, energy cushion external shocks and all parts are by leaching process (dip or spray, spray paint), a field combination device does not require welding. Chain link fence is being referred to mortal hole chain link fence, and mesh are square.

diamond mesh

Diamond mesh net refers to the emergence of chain link fence diamond popular product, not the rules of the square mesh. Diamond mesh chain link fence and belong to one product family, but the differences diamond mesh and chain link fence mesh naming differences caused by nothing. Diamond mesh net ordinary depicted as: 40mm * 80mm, 80mm * 160mm.

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