Practical method for removing rust Temporary Fence

Temporary Fence green water-based rust rust, including rust reversal agent was dissolved 400 parts, 200 parts flame rust inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors 5 parts, penetrating 5 parts, clean water: 390 copies, which was dissolved rust the main component of the reversal agent is H, PO4, the main component of the flame retardant rust inhibitor is N P Qiu's execution, the main component of inhibitor roar H12N4, penetrants main component of high-polymer polyethylene glycol, clean water Deionized water.

temporary fence

After the above-mentioned components are mixed in the order and proportion, stirred for 30 minutes, allowed to stand for 2 hours to obtain a brown and transparent green water rust rust products. In normal use, brushing, spraying, roller coating, dip coating can be, from the dry film, since the dry 4 ^ 24 hours, bake one thousand 0.5 to 1 hour, it can be used in all walks of life fence, fence, steel and other protective fields.

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