Install temporary fence precautions

For temporary construction fence installation should pay attention to the following questions:

temporary fence

1, the installation of temporary fencing is to accurately grasp the various facilities of information, especially the exact location of buried in the roadbed in a variety of channels, and are not allowed in the construction process of the underground facility to cause any damage.

2, to give the fence post into too deep, the column can not be pulled out correction, the need to consolidate its base and then scored again, or adjust the upright position. Construction should pay close attention to control the depth of hammering efforts.

3, to install when you installed the flange on the highway bridge, pay attention to the top surface of the positioning and column flange elevation control.

4. If the temporary fencing used as a crash barrier, the appearance of the product depends on the quality of the construction process, the construction should pay attention to a combination of construction preparation and piling machines, constantly sum up experience, strengthen construction management, will be installed to ensure the quality of the isolation barrier .

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