Characteristics and calculation method Grassland Fence

Grassland fence is a temporary fence to make the product, it is usually the use of domestic high-strength galvanized steel wire, steel wire buckle Jingwei automatic twist and weaving. General diameter of a stiff wire (H) 2.5mm D-grade zinc layer. Usually in the order when the product is calculated as follows: net weight kg = wire diameter x wire diameter x0.00617x using wire length (m).

temporary fence

Grassland fence having flat surface, mesh uniform, toughness, high strength, novel structure, strong precision, not together, slip, compression, shock, corrosion and other characteristics. It can be widely used as a safety net for the majority of Chinese Inner Mongolia grassland, pasture, forest, birdhouse, feeding, stadium, green belts, embankments, roads, bridges, reservoirs and other.

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